Guidelines for Authors

Guidelines for Authors

If you intend to write a book, you must submit a book proposal form by giving the maximum information sought in the form. You should provide the overview of the book, its approach, target audience, pedagogical features with a detailed table of contents with at least two sample chapters and your profile.


Your proposed title should contain book title ant sub-title. Your book should contain the following in brief:

Table of Contents:

Provide the detailed table of contents chapter-wise by illustrating the key aspects of the book.

Target Audience & Competition:

Describe the target audience of the book, level and discipline for whom the book is intended to. Also provide the market and the competitors books and its strength and weakness and indicate the key features of your book which differs from the competition books.


If your manuscript contains excerpts or illustrations from other copyrighted works, obtainwritten permission from the copyright holders before submitting the manuscript.

Delivery of Manuscript:

Indicate the current status of the manuscript and the tentative date of completing the full-work in order to schedule the publishing plans.

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