Reviewing Guidelines

Reviewing Guidelines

The expert review is the vital for the quality contents of the book in-line with the following:

Contribution to Editorial Decision:

The reviewer’s contribution to the editor is vital for decision making on proceeding with the publishing project of the book.


Timely submission of the feedback by the reviewer would help the editor to re-plan or re-scheduling the publishing plans.


Any manuscript given for review should be treated as confidential document. The manuscript should not be used by the reviewer for any of his/her own research work or any other purpose without the written consent of the author.

Standards of Objectivity:

Manuscripts should be evaluated on the basis of authenticity of facts, the quality of writing, target audience and logic of the manuscript. A review should be un-biased and it should not be reviewed on the basis of whether it supports or rejects the personal opinions of the reviewer.

Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest:

In case the reviewer comes to know that the manuscript is from known sources or if the manuscript is related to the own work of the reviewer please inform the same to the publisher.

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